The Street Lawyer

The Street Lawyer cover image

The Street Lawyer, by John Grisham [adult fiction]

by Shreya, 9th grader

The Street Lawyer is a unique, profound book that makes its readers think about people other than themselves for once. The story is told through a rising hotshot lawyer, Michael Brock, who is flying through life, eyes on his rising salary. He never stops to think about anything in his life besides his work. His work is his life. Suddenly, a violent encounter with a D.C. homeless man completely changes his outlook on life. Unable to get this man out of his mind, he finds out everything about him and learns a dirty secret about his giant D.C. firm. Michael’s priorities changed completely, and he bolts from the firm, leaving his 9-figure salary behind. He ends up on the streets advocating for the homeless: a street lawyer. This story is so different than anything I have read and I think many readers will enjoy it.


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